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How It Works

We value your time and do our best to ensure the best experience with our platform. Therefore, the interaction with the tools is all about pasting a couple of lines of code. A quick and easy copy-paste will turn your page into a revenue-generating machine displaying HQ relevant advertising.

A no-brainer, yet absolutely powerful technology boasts unmatched usability, stunning analysis and fine tuning capabilities. Use your advertising spaces like top corporate professionals do - grasp the attention of the visitors with nice-looking, relevant ads. The evangelists of ROI-oriented advertising we guarantee you will be pleased with the performance of our instruments set.

  • Popunder

    Popunder is a new window in the browser displayed to the visitors. As a publisher you earn money each time a visitor views it, so pay per impression model is applicable here. Popunder method has proved itself as a highly-efficient income generating method.

  • Direct Click

    Direct click is a time-tested, proven technique almost as old as internet. Direct click tools earn you money each time a visitor clicks on them. A multitude of forms, perfect customizability and traditionally decent payments per click is something that you will certainly like about Direct Click.

  • JS Blocks

    Arm your pages with Javascript blocks to make money from catchy, relevant ads. Enhance conversion and get even higher payouts - enjoy the benefits of being our premium advertising partner.

  • XML Feed

    It is all about pasting an XML code to get started - simple and easy, you can either keep it conducting its business or adjust it to your needs. XML feed boasts unsurpassed customizability, so savvy publishers can go even further and improve its effectiveness.

Why Publishers love Adzos?

We play for real. Guided by an ambitious, long-term strategy we achieve milestone after milestone and do it in a timely fashion, just according to the plan. Now we proudly admit we do offer a truly global reach, and it’s not about rending the air. In 2014 the list of industries we specialize was significantly expanded - we’ve plunged into 56 areas which is equal to a 27% increase. In 2015 we are looking to press for another 30% growth, and we are doing great so far. In the world of technology we bet on technology - we gather programming, design and marketing gurus to create an ideal revenue-growth ecosystem.

Laser-guided campaigns, designed to squeeze the most of investments and leaving competitors in the dust is the main reason why publisher make a choice in our favour. Become a part of an ambitious community and a global plan - join us and make your business prosper.

  • Transparenсy and
    straight dealing
  • A variety of payment options
  • Bi-weekly payouts,
    holds and delays-free

There is also an opportunity for referral programs - Earn 5% for everyone you bring to our system.