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The addition of Popunder or Clickunder to your site will multiply your revenue instantly. This provides ads that open in a new window on the web browser. Our system displays this is a controlled way, so as to optimize your performance. The publisher gets paid with each view of these ads. This is a sure source of international monetization of traffic, as this provides coverage internationally with several countries channels pop-up.

Ad Formats

Adzos offers an array of proven, highly-efficient advertising instruments and approaches. Take advantage of numerous ad formats to launch premium class campaigns - choose from dozens of banners of various sizes, embed JS codes and XML feeds - each instrument we offer is not only created for top efficiency, but also permanently maintained to stay up to date to please hundreds of our partners. We keep on investigating additional ways to make our partners happy, plus you are always welcome to interact with our customer care team. Not only we help to configure sophisticated custom campaigns that go beyond standard approaches, but also listen to you carefully and gather feedback to improve our service and grow as a company and community.

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